Italeri 1:24 Iveco HI-WY E5 "Abarth" 3934

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Length of the model 254 mm SUPER DECAL SHEET The Stralis Hi-Way is the latest evolution of the famous heavy duties truck produced by Iveco. The Stralis Hi-Way is characterized by several technological and aesthetic improvements compared to previous versions. The cabin offers a completely new design and is equipped with integrated electronic systems able to optimize the on-board comfort and to provide the highest safety standard. The evolution of the Stralis is also characterized by a completely new "powertrain" able to minimize the fuel consumption and the maintenance costs. The new engine strength is in fact to stay in line with the new Euro 5 anti-pollution regulation and to keep a very high operation effectiveness in terms of cost of ownership. In 2013 Iveco Stralis Hi-Way won the “International Truck of the Year” award assigned by a pool of journalists of the most important European trucks magazines. On 2017 Iveco announced that has supplied a Stralis Hi-Way, characterized by a dedicated livery, to Abarth Racing Team to support the logistic of the famous Italian sport brand.