Italeri 1:24 Mercedes-Benz MP4 Big Space 3948

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Model Dim.: 26,9 cm


The SdKfz.251 half-track was an armoured fighting vehicle and was used by the Wehrmacht on all fronts, during the Second World War. Powered by a Maybach 6-cylinder petrol engine was able to achieve, even in off-road terrain, the speed of 55 km / h. Produced in huge numbers, it was mainly used to transport the "Panzergrenadiers" but, during the war, several versions has been developed to meet various operational needs. The half-track SdKfz.251/8 Krankenpanzerwagen was outfitted and used as armored ambulance to operate close to the frontline. Capable of carrying up to eight seated casualties or four seated casualties and two stretcher cases, the vehicle was equipped with first aid tools.

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