Revell 1/25 1957 Ford Custom 2 'n 1 Plastic Model Kit 85-4283

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Product ID: 85-4283
OverviewSkill Level: 3Scale: 1/25Length: 8" Width: 3"Height: 2-3/8"Parts: 129
DescriptionCustom cruising in a classic carDrag racers loved the '57 Ford Custom because it was a simple no-frills car that was easy to modify. Its long body and low-slung chassis made it perfect for short straight-course races. The exceptionally light 2-door model came with a 245 horsepower V-8 - more than enough power to boost the '57 to victory after victory. With racing slicks, the Custom could beat most cars of the day in straight drag. Kit features drag racing slicks and suspension plus separate frame member and bench style front seat.