Revell 1/25 Motor City Muscle '69 Camaro Z/28® 2 'n 1 Plastic Model Kit 85-2148

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Product ID: 85-2148
Skill Level: 2
Scale: 1/25
Length: 7-3/4"
Width: 2-7/8"
Parts: 110+
The Z/28™ was one of the more unusual of the first generation Camaro® models in that it also handled corners well besides having tire-melting acceleration. Now as part of the Revell Motor City Muscle™ series, you can expect newly-tooled large diameter chrome wheels on low-profile tires along with all the stock goodies. Features: Authentic 302 V-8 engine, your choice of stock or Rally Sport front end treatments and the rare dual quad intake and chambered exhaust system. Requires paint and glue (not included).