Revell US 1/25 Foose™ '65 Chevy® Impala™ Plastic Model Kit 85-4190

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Product ID: 85-4190
OverviewSkill level: 2Scale: 1/25Length: 8-1/2" Width: 3" Height: 2-1/4" Parts: 142
DescriptionClassic muscleChevy® Impalas™ have been top sellers ever since their introduction in 1958; the '65 stands out by being one of the best-selling Impalas™ of all time. Its low-slung chassis, powerful engine and wide wheelbase made it very popular with consumers in the mid-sixties and it is still regarded as a classic today. Today, its X frame is popular with people interested in modifying the vehicle's ride height and suspension. This kit features a detailed chassis, large diameter Foose™ design wheels and customized V-8 engine.