Revell US Monogram 1/48 B-29 Superfortress Plastic Model Kit 85-5718

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Monogram 1/48 B-29 Superfortress Plastic Model Kit
Product ID: 85-5718
OverviewSkill Level: 5Scale: 1/48Length: 25-5/16"Wingspan: 35-1/4"Height: 7-1/4"Parts: 243
DescriptionBringing "The Bomb"Seventy years ago, a Silverplate-modified B-29 Superfortress flew over the city of Hiroshima and dropped the world's first operationally-deployed atomic bomb. Only the stretched fuselage of the Silverplate bombers, with the massive power of the B-29's engines could carry the immense bombs over the vast distances of the Pacific Theater. With Soviet and American forces closing in, invasion of the home islands imminent, and an additional nuclear strike, Japan surrendered. Kit features two atom bombs, full interior detail, and two propeller styles.